Hello my name is Ms. Lee. Please travel with me to New Orleans to study Climate Change and Caterpillars!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Almost Time to Go!!

Aloha Students,
I will be leaving this weekend to work with scientists and other teachers to study climate change for 10 days. Follow my blog and learn more about the amazing climate and culture of New Orleans. Remember- Science is Everywhere!!!


  1. Team, 1
    Block, 6
    Taenia, Keliko, Mikayla, Kderson.

    - Do all caterpillars eat leaves?


  2. Have a good trip send pictures of the caterpillars.send the pics to my email!!!

    kawailehua labatte

    Have a wonderful trip. Hope you get there safely. send us some pics and tell us everything about your trip in our blogs!
    By: isaac Sado

  3. Team4,Block 2
    Hi mrs.Stockwell we are looking at some catapillar they look furry and spiky are the furry ones soft or something you dont want to touch?

  4. Hi Students!
    Thanks for your wonderful questions. I will be posting pictures to the blog site so you can see them while I am gone. I think most caterpillars eat leaves, but don't forget about the carnivorous caterpillar found in Hawaii! Remember when we saw them at the Iao Nature Center?? Also, the furry caterpillars.....I think those spikes are defenses. I know I got stung by a 'furry' caterpillar in Costa Rica and it HURT!!!!
    Keep up the great questions and I will do my best to answer them!

  5. Nathan, Eunice, Travis, Manelle
    Team 1 Block 2

    1)The Nutria is native to South America.

    2)The Nutria damages the ecosystem in Louisiana by digging burrows into lakes, ponds and banks.

    3)Another invasive species are Fire ants because they sting animals and people.

  6. Group 1 : Temoani, Tina, Jethro, Justin B.5

    1) Nutria is from South America.
    2) Nutrias damages Louisianna because its invasive to that place because also they negative inpact on other wild life spicies. The round worms infesing Nutria can cause health problems for man kind.
    3)Our topic is on "FIRE ANTS" they came to the Hawaiian islands from torist and plants, ect. They may be small but distructive, theyre small, red, furry, and they hurt us, plants, and animals. They are invasive.