Hello my name is Ms. Lee. Please travel with me to New Orleans to study Climate Change and Caterpillars!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Students,
Here are a few pictures from the trip so far. Enjoy! Please remember to read the second blog below title "In the Bayou" in order to find the activity for today and your assignment.
Ms Stockwell
Here is a close up of the tent caterpillar- M. disstria is the scientific name.
I caught my first caterpillar today. If you look closely at leaves and see them curled up at the edge, sometimes there is a caterpillar inside- very cool.
This is where I sleep while doing the field research! I am on the top bunk- the messy one!
Mrs. Lombardi and Mrs. Lee stand in front of the Mississippi River.
Mrs. Larson enjoys some beignets at a New Orleans coffee shop....they are kind of like malsads, but square.
Josh and Sean work hard on their blogging assignment!

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