Hello my name is Ms. Lee. Please travel with me to New Orleans to study Climate Change and Caterpillars!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Experiencing the Culture of New Orleans

Did you know New Orleans has a rich heritage with a mixture of many different cultures? Much like Maui. One of the things New Orleans is known for is the JazzFest they hold every year.

Here is a picture of me entering JazzFest Sunday afternoon.

Click on the following link to learn more about New Orleans History and Heritage.
Take about 15 minutes to look around and read about this amazing city.

Click on one of the History and Heritage Stories to read about New Orleans.

Assignment for today:

1) Summarize the most interesting thing you learned in one of the articles. Why was this interesting to you and your partner?
2) Check out the other teacher blogs to see what else we did on the trip.
3) Go to this website and try to make some of your own jazz music using the Super Duper Music Looper . You can not save the music, but have some fun experimenting for 10 minutes or so. You can also try this website to design another musical composition.

Have a great Monday and Tuesday. I can't wait to see you in school on Thursday! Which class was the best behaved???
Ms Stockwell


  1. In the picture is a frog. The adaption that helps them survive is their color which hepls them blend in with their surrondings so predetars don't notice them.

    Block 2 Team 2 Riel & Jenna & Erny & Sasha

  2. Team 1: Travis, Manelle, Eunice, Nathan
    Block 2

    1.The most interesting part that me and my partner read was about the diversity of the cultures in New Orleans. The settlement of French people has made the cultures we see in New Orleans today. They also share a love of Jazz music.

  3. Team 2 Block 2 Riel & Jenna & Ernesto & Sasha
    The most intreating thing we learned was the King Cakes. it was interesting to see the history behind it and how its made.