Hello my name is Ms. Lee. Please travel with me to New Orleans to study Climate Change and Caterpillars!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How Do YOU Impact Climate Change???

Aloha Students,
Today we did more field research! Yesterday when we went into the swamp we had to collect caterpillars and put them into Ziploc bags along with the plant we found them on. This morning we had to open the bags and identify all of the caterpillars and plants! We had 100 bags to work on! All of this information had to be entered into a computer database.

In these pictures you can see some of the teachers and scientists hard at work, with the caterpillar bags piled in front of them! My job was to identify the caterpillars!

In the afternoon we were back out in the swamp. We had to measure a 10m x 10m plot. Inside this plot we had to find ALL of the caterpillars we could reach AND count the leaves on all of the plants.

Here are some more tent caterpillars we found on a tree today. When we made noise next to them they would life up their heads and wiggle around.

We are studying caterpillars in New Orleans to learn more about climate change. Did you know that you can have a huge impact on climate change??? The climate has been changing since the start of time, but humans have been causing the climate change to happen at a faster pace.

Your Assignment for Today:

1) Log onto Plant Green Game and play the game with your partner for 25 minutes. Keep in mind that you want to make smart choices for the environment in order to earn the most points.

2) When you have played the game for 25 minutes, stop and write down your score.

3) Answer the following questions, as a group:
A. What was your group score? (make sure to list your names!)
B. What types of choices did you make in the game which gave you the most points?
C. Describe one thing you can do when you go home today to help slow down human caused climate change.

Good luck! I look forward to reading your answers. Make sure to be on your best behavior for Ms. Haag.


  1. A)our teams score was 6,124.
    B) The choices we made that gave us more points were to use a hybrid car or a bike, and to unlock global solutions, and to talk to the mayor.
    C) unplug unused appliances, conserve water, turn off unwanted lights.

    from: Team 5; Block 1
    Britney, Kaena, & Kai

  2. GROUP 3.
    kayleena. ha'aheo. kamoana. tyler.

    hey ms stockwell. thanks for sendning the pictures. its really cool too see that :)
    hope your having fun! we cant wait til you get back!

    1).our group score altogether was 10,012.

    2).the choices that we made in the game that gave us the most points was too choose the better ways that help the climate change.

    3).one thing that we can do when we go home today to help slow down the human caused climate change is open the windows.. let the wind breeze through instead of using air contioner. unpluging all things when you leave the house or tha is unecessary to be plugged in when it doesnt need to be. and basically save electricity.

    we love you ms.stockwell!
    be safe!

  3. Team 2 Block 2 Riel & Jenna & Ernesto... and Sasha
    3.A)Riel & Jenna 8,265
    Ernesto & Sasha 4,648
    B) The choices that we made was walking, skateboarding, biking. we pick these vechiles because they have no co2 transmission. we made good desicioins for the Earth and we went back to check it out. we also went to find all the bonus's and we used our time wisely and didn't play around.
    C.)Recyle and take shorter showers and watch t.v as a family or read a book.

  4. Team 1 BLK 3 Dezzy Krissy Kainoa Wendy
    4,215 points is our score.
    The things that we did in the game that got us the most points were Helping biuld the cityy park, Service station, and building supply.
    One thing that i cant do today at home is go home and save my electicity ike unplugging all the things that dont need to be plugged in.

  5. Amanda, Kirsten, Jeremiah, Rory
    Block 3
    Team 6

    Rorys and Jeremiahs score were 4647 and Amandas and Kirsten was 5435.

    Amanda And Kirsten pick the bike and Rory and Jeremiah picked the hybrid the bike gave us more points because we didnt use gas.

    One thing we can do when we go home we can change our lights to a different kind and it will save more electricity and we can also make sure the freezer and fridgerator is turned closed so it will not waste electricity. and to unplug your phone chargers and ect.

  6. jennica,titus,kris,rancin.our team score was 5408,the smart choices we made were to ride a bike insted of a car.We can save electricity by turning off our tv,computer,etc.Dont leave the car running.

  7. A) Kaitlyn and Tyler: 10794
    Deytyn and Chase: 11012
    B) Choices made in game that made us capable of scoring the score we earned were choosing to ride a bicycle and choosing the greenest of appliances/items of all tasks and activites and keeping an eye out for those energy wasting items left alone.
    C) When I go home today, I can unplug all sockets not being used, turn off unneed lights, and use water only when needed.

    Deytyn, Chase, Tyler, Kaitlyn
    Block 5
    Team 5

  8. Block..6..Team 5..Cortney,Joshua,Sean,Ti'are
    Our group score was 7,245 we all chose the bike because it doesnt use gas. I can tell my mom sence we live close to the store to walk instead or driving.

  9. Block: 6
    Group: 4
    Bj, Molly, Levi and Christina

    A. Bj & Ekolu got 7,705 and Levi & Molly got 6,665
    B. The choiced Bj &Ekoly made was to "walk" and the choiced the Levi & Molly made was to "skateboard".
    C. One thing i can do to change climate causes is to close my lights in rooms that were not in and also close all the refridgerator doors just to make sure.

    P.S.- Thank you Mrs. Lee for letting us play this game- from Bj:)

  10. block, 6
    team, 1
    keliko, mikayla, taenia, kderson.

    hey mrs. lee! :)
    those are amazing caterpillars, freaky.
    glad to hear your alive, after that cottonmouth snake! scaryyy!

    okay so heres how we did...

    the game is way fun!!!
    our group score altogether was, 10,083
    when we answered the questions questions, it gave us points over 100, another is, that we used a type of car that gave us 2 points for low emmisions. hahaha. anyways, were having a great time, our third answer is... we could turn off all lights, unplug phone chargers when its not needed.

    happpy earth day mrs. lee. hope your having a great time, cuz we are....kind of. bye missss :))

  11. giuliana stefani shanelle
    block 6

    our groups score was 7,185
    the smart choices we made was to ride a skateborad instead of a car.
    things we can is to unplug our phone chargers and turn off our lights when we're not in the room.

  12. Block 7-Table 6- Mika, Geraldine, Dennis

    A. What was your group score? (make sure to list your names!)4,990

    B. What types of choices did you make in the game which gave you the most points?
    Ridding the bicicle, getting all questions correct on the quiz, and knowing how to be energy efficiant.
    C. Describe one thing you can do when you go home today to help slow down human caused climate change.
    Turn off and unplug unused electronics, take shorter showers, recycle, and spend more time outdoors than watching t.v

  13. ~Nomi, Karlee, Kriselta Team 2; Block 7~
    Our combined score is 7,335. Karlee got 3,900; and Nomi and Kriselta got 3,435. The choice that we did was to walk. When we go home today, we can unplug anything we don't need. We miss you! Can't wait until you come back :D!